Caddell Prep Offers Affordable Online SAT Preparation Class with Option to Sponsor Low-Income Students’ Class.

NEW YORK CITY—Test preparation and tutoring company Caddell Prep is expanding its services to include an affordable online SAT preparation program. With the intention of offering its services to as many students as possible, Caddell Prep has also started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds so that it can offer its new online SAT Prep class to New York City area students of low-income households. The campaign has set a goal of raising $10,000 by March 17.

Caddell Prep’s small group SAT Prep classes have been very successful. Students attending the in-person classes have increased their test scores by an average of 170 points. This increase greatly exceeds that of the average SAT preparation courses, which has been estimated by the National Association of College Admission Counseling to raise math scores by 20 points and critical reading scores by 10 points.

The new online SAT Prep course offered by Caddell Prep will make classes more accessible and more affordable for subscribing students as well as give the option to sponsor a student in a low-income area. “We’ve been very successful in helping students raise their SAT scores with our in-person classes,” said Caddell. “Now we are working toward offering our classes in a Netflix-like way so that students can watch as many videos or take as many tests or quizzes as they like.” Caddell Prep’s classes will no longer be constrained by schedule, geography, or finances.

The online SAT Prep membership,costing only $9 per month, comes with the option of sponsoring another student through Caddell Prep’s crowdfunding campaign. “I have been personally tutoring students since 2006, but I wanted to help students on a much larger scale,” said Caddell. With the new online service, students will be able to set their own pace, working quickly through strong areas and spending extra time developing weak areas. Students will have the ability to stream lessons to computers and access lessons from mobile devices.

The campaign to raise money allows participants a range of sponsorship opportunities starting at sponsoring one student for $10 and extending to sponsoring 250 students for $1,000. Additionally, the campaign allows a student to purchase a 12-month membership for $45 that will also sponsor another student for 6 months. The first 100 purchasers of the 12-month membership will be able to get it for $25.


About Caddell Prep LLC

Staten Island company Caddell Prep was founded by New Jersey Institute of Technology graduate Glyn Caddell. The company has offered both small group test preparation as well as private tutoring and is now expanding its services to include online test preparation. For more information or to contribute to the campaign, visit  

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