While essential, helmets and knee pads can only lessen serious cycling injuries. The MiniBrake, on the other hand, helps parents actively avoid accidents for their budding bikers.

Budapest, Hungary  — MiniBrake creators Marcell Szirtes, Péter Szesztay, and Dániel Bognár are on a mission. Their objective: give parents the power to preempt biking accidents with the touch of a button. Founded in Budapest, MiniBrake earns worldwide appeal with its promising premise. The smart device lets parents protect kids (ages 2-5) from harm while allowing them to learn independence on the road.

“After a bunch of tests, versions and prototypes, we can proudly present to you our third round prototype which is ready for mass production,” said co-founder and COO Szesztay. “We’re excited because we are almost ready to enter the market.” A release is expected in May 2014.

“MiniBrake is a remotely controlled safety brake for kids. With the help of this device, cycling will be fun without any worries and without the risk of a possible accident,” explained Marcell CEO Szirtes. The idea is simple. The MiniBrake is applied to the back wheel of a child’s bike. When a parent perceives danger, just one press of the remote control will stop the bike gently within about 20 inches. The MiniBrake will also trigger a stop when the battery is low, the signal is obstructed (by a wall or other obstacle) or the bike leaves the 50 meters/164 feet range.

“We designed the MiniBrake to be a user-friendly product. It is easy to install and it’s extra safe.” Szesztay adds. All parents need to equip their child’s bike with MiniBrake saftey are a few minutes and an Allen key. The brake is compatible with a wide range of bikes and is dust-and-waterproof.

“Now we need your trust and contribution to produce our first series, and to start our journey on making cycling safer for kids all over the world,” said Szirtes as he introduced the startup’s IndieGoGo campaign to support their show (and bike) stopping product.

The perks start with a personalized “Thanks!” along with instant updates on the project for a $5 contribution and range to the “Thank you, Mom!” pack which includes the MiniBrake, a balance bike, MiniBrake bicycle bell, child helmet, 2 pairs of knee and elbow protectors, 1 pair of child biking gloves, 1 visibility vest and 2 bicycle LED lamps. Color and size are customizable with the top perk.

About MiniBrake

MiniBrake co-founders Marcell Szirtes, Péter Szesztay, and Dániel Bognár set out to make cycling safer for kids around the world. Their remotely controlled bike brake will help parents prevent serious biking accidents before they happen. After two years of hard work, their final MiniBrake prototype is ready for mass production in Spring 2014. Learn more about the MiniBrake project.





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