By Jorge Newbery,  CrowdFundBeat contributing Guest Editor,  Founder and Chief Executive Officer of American Homeowner Preservation LLC American Homeowner Preservation has raised money from high net worth “accredited” investors since 2011 and consistently generated above-market returns, both financial and social. This past January, we set out to take the next step in our growth and raise institutional capital. We kept hearing that institutional investors were chasing yields. But how could we get them to chase us, or even listen to us? The steps were to connect, differentiate, produce, wait, and close. Connecting is the first and most essential step. We registered to attend several conferences, including the Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI) conference in Chicago in January. As is common for many conferences, we received an attendee list prior to the event. We perused the list to identify attendees associated with investors and fund managers, and proceeded to connect with them via Linkedin: “Do you have some time to meet during the TBLI conference? I’d like to share American Homeowner Preservation’s opportunity with you. We buy pools of defaulted mortgages from banks and offer sustainable solutions to keep families at risk of foreclosure in their homes.” Some did not respond, others […]

Five Steps to Raising Institutional Capital: CrowdFund Beat.

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