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Will #crowdfunding makes its first millionaire by October 25th?


by April Walloga


‘The collective power of the #internet has the ability to make a complete stranger a millionaire. I am that stranger,’


says the anonymous crowdfunder. launched on July 28 with one goal — get strangers on the Internet to make another stranger a millionaire within 90 days.

“You don’t know who I am, where I am from, or how I’m going to spend your money,”


says the millionaire hopeful in the website’s video.

Word has just started to get around and #donations are already nearing $US12,000 to date.

In order to reach its goal, the site needs to earn over $US11,000 every day until its October 25th deadline.

The project is described as a social experiment: The mystery person behind it will document the next year of his or her life if the goal of $US1 million is met.



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