Why The StrongVolt SmartCharger exceeded 300% of its goal in one week

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As four-year veterans in the solar power industry, StrongVolt is finally releasing a new solar technology that charges your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The StrongVolt SmartCharger is an eco friendly solar charger that uses SunTrack Technology to automate charging for your device. This technology is able to recognize clouds or shade and as a result will power off when you’re not in the sun and automatically reconnect to your device once you are back in the sunlight.

This a team of San Diego State graduates that know their market and exactly what to do to make an impact. They have recognized
that solar chargers are becoming increasingly essential when it comes to outdoor activity. The reason being is, that not only do people want to charge their devices when camping or at the beach, but in an emergency situation a solar charger can be the difference between life and death.  As solar chargers are increasing in both popularity and necessity, StrongVolt is looking to turn the solar charging industry on its back with their new SmartCharger and SunTrack Technology.

Problems with existing solar chargers:

1. Trouble supporting iDevices (iPhones and iPads)

2. Connection issues with shade or clouds

StrongVolt challenges the existence methods that require users to manually unplug and re-plug solar charges after connections are lost due to shade. With the implementation of SunTrack Technology, the SmartCharger is able to automatically restart connections without user interaction. StrongVolt is also fully compatible with Apple devices as well as Android, which cannot be said for many existing solar chargers.

With such a powerful and innovative device, StrongVolt is launching on Kickstarter to support the manufacturing of the SmartCharger. In order to get this latest technology into the hands of consumers, they set their goal at $10,000. In less than 24 hours, they exceeded their goal and are now 300% over their target settling at just over $35,000 donated with over 33 days left!

The founder of StrongVolt, Ian Sells, stated, “We have thousands of satisfied customers and a track record for innovative products. SmartCharger’s strong reception on Kickstarter demonstrates the powerful consumer demand for reliable solar chargers.”

If you love the outdoors, enjoy keeping a steady charge on the go, or are looking to improve your emergency survival kit, the SmartCharger is exactly what you need.

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