LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake attended the Fifth Private Banking & Family Office Summit Asia held last September 7, 2016 in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. He keynoted for 30 young women, aged 18-40, from different family offices. The event was organized by The Sorority, Banyan Legacy, and Convention of Independent Financial Advisors.  

Participants to this exclusive summit were investment houses, offshore companies, real estate companies, family offices, insurance & brokers, technology providers,  independent wealth managers, private banks, consulting firms, and accounting houses.  

David Drake says, “It was an honor to speak in front of these second-generation family offices. These women are looking for mentors on how to run a single family office or join a multi-family office. Their common aspiration is to become the CFOs of their family offices.”  

He further adds, “It was a marvelous trip and I was surprised with how much capital was chasing my multi-family office for opportunities in the US. At least 3 family offices in a day would come to my hotel to discuss US deal flow access. A big thanks to my office in Shanghai for having done a lot of good work to get this going.”


Shanghai, China


The first day of the summit was an exclusive event which was held at the five-star resort hotel, The Lalu. There were no bankers allowed and participants all dressed up in traditional Chinese clothes. On the next day, they brought in the bankers for a full day event.

There were also Guzheng & tea ceremonies, group photo sessions, networking breaks, luncheons, and closed-door sessions.

Last summer, David Drake says, “I secured several mandates of up to $800 million in equity with family offices for LDJ Capital multi-family office. The capital is to be placed in several areas.  One of them is to open a US, Middle East and European beverage distribution for China’s largest  $3.5B instant bubble tea company (56% market share).”

LDJ Capital also plans to place up to $30M per investment in  disruptive tech series B,  or later in our own 4000+ stores and malls in Asia and Middle East.  



There were also Guzheng & tea ceremonies, group photo sessions, networking breaks, luncheons, and closed-door sessions.


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The LDJ Capital Multi-Family Office is the culmination of our executives’ career-long journey to serve UHNW families and individuals in a different way – by providing advice that is not colored by any agenda other than your needs and best interests. We believe that wealthy families have a right to trust their advisors – to know they are being empowered and are not subject to an advisor’s agenda to sell a particular product or earn a commission on a particular transaction. Collectively, our executive management team has more than 20 years of experience serving families like yours. From those decades of experience, we have observed that for you to receive a truly independent, unconflicted advisory experience, your wealth advisory firm must be independent from – i.e. not affiliated with – any financial services firm. We believe that to be a wealth advisor is not solely a profession – it is a mission and a calling, and that the role of a financial advisor is to advise – not to sell. Our clients know that the advice they receive from us is free of any sales agenda, is completely independent, and is given with their best interests in mind. They are always engaged in the decision-making process and constantly learning. They benefit from an elite network of like-minded families and professionals with whom to collaborate and share experiences. They are engaged in managing their wealth in the way that benefits them the most.



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