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In his second effort on Kickstarter, creator Scott Camazine is using his knowledge of anatomy and his artistic ability to bring miniature animal skulls to the fashion market. Scott’s Skulptures series features a new take on jewelry, casting a variety of animal skulls in bronze, silver, and gold. These skulls can be a great addition to necklaces, bracelets, or earrings.

As a biologist, Scott wants to capture the structure and essence of each animal in his collection. That is why, he has used a highly accurate rendering of each individual skeletal structure using a CT scan to capture detail down to the smallest fragment imaginable. These interesting Skulptures come in 18 different species to match the personality of the backer.

For the anatomy enthusiest, or animal lover, these are a great addition to your jewelry collection. Each Skulpture holds a strong ephasis on detail and bring with them the essence of each animal. Because these figurines are so interesting and cool, we decided to feature Skulptures in our Best of Kickstarter series.

THE STEAL: The Skulls start at just $25 and come with an 18” chain

Period Panties

For the women out there, Harebrained Inc. is looking to create a great solution to an awkward and quite frequent female issue. Period Panties are menstrual themed undies that bring a lift to that low point of the month. These creatively designed underwear come in a selection of ten designs that bring some humor to that womanly occasion.

The thought of these panties came from the brains of the operation, Anthony. After a really long conversation with his certain someone he came to the conclusion that she was very tired of rejecting her “awesome boyfriend’s” advances during her time of the month. So he thought why don’t we create a fun, creative, and less awkward alarm for the men to let them know, the field is off limits.

We think it is both hilarious and genius, and seeing as though Period Panties has raised over $240,000 already, the demand and popularity is there. Period Panties are made from 95% combed cotton and 5% Elastine, providing maximum comfort for every occasion. As being featured in our Best of Kickstarter series, we suggest you take a moment to view the merchandise and watch the equally entertaining video.

THE STEAL: Period Panties start at just $13

The Glyph

Coming in hot for our Best of Kickstarter series is Avegant’s Glyph, a mobile personal theater with built in audio. The Glyph has only a couple more days to go, but we feel they gain recognition being as though in the life of their campaign Glyph has not only surpassed their $250,000 goal, but are currently set at over $1.3 Million in funds raised. And rightfully so.

Glyph is a brand new design in the age of personal display technology. The device lookes like a pair of audio headphone that have been slid forward over the listener’s eyes. But the brace connecting these headphones is actually a Visual Retinal Display that projects images directly onto your retina.

“The Glyph’s Virtual Retinal Display uses one million micromirrors in each eye piece to reflect a sharp, vivid and lifelike image directly onto the back of your retina. It’s an advanced, safe and innovative process that results in extremely comfortable light yielding very little eyestrain.”

The Glyph can be integrated through any HDMI input, including computer screens and gaming consuls. For sound, Glyph offer premium noise cancelling headphones to assist users in the all encompassing sensory experience.

THE STEAL: $499 with so very little time left.

PROMiXX Vortex Mixer

Because we love fitness here at CrowdDistrict, it is only fitting that we include an interesting product that is changing the way we ingest nutrition. The PROMiXX Vortex Mixer is seeking to change the fitness industry by revolutionizing the way we mix our powder. For a lot of us, who fit an active lifestyle, protein shakers have become somewhat of an essential tool in our on-the-go lives. But for the past couple of years, the design and functionality of shakers have remained the same.

PROMiXX is looking to reinvent the wheel, by adding a wheel… so to speak. The PROMiXX mixing bottle uses Vortex Mixing Technology that allows consumers to effortlessly mix their supplements without damaging their contents or harming the nutrients. The PROMiXX is battery powered and has a 20ox capacity level. This product is designed for liquid and powder mixing (protein, pre-workout, creatine, amino acids etc.)

With the power of this Vortex Technology, the PROMiXX has the power to blend your shakes perfectly, every time. Also, these things look perfect for margaritas and any cocktails you can think of. If you’re looking to invest in a new tool for the gym, keep the PROMiXX in mind.

THE STEAL: Only $35 for a Fast Track PROMiXX Mixer

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