We’ve all seen it happen: thousands of entrepreneurs with a brilliant start-up idea managed to turn their dream into reality by relying on crowdfunding. This financing method seems to be suitable for a wide range of creative projects: from computer games, software products, music albums, movies and books.

So the question is this: could it also work for condiments? Yes, you’ve got that right: condiments. Apparently, Sofia Vergara’s fiancée is trying to raise money and promote a new line of condiments via crowdfunding.

Nick Loeb is working hard to support his online fundraising campaign, created and implemented to help him raise no less than 1 million dollars for his company, entitled Crunchy Condiment Company. At the same time, Loeb also intends to bring his brand into the spotlight, bond with his clientele and boost the popularity of his original products expected to seduce the American consumers: crunchy onions, ketchup and pickles.

Loeb’s fundraising initiative would also enable him to attract potential investors and a significant number of clients. At this point, he is already counting on the unconditional support of his number one fan: Sofia Vergara, his fiancée. Vergara is doing everything in her power to spread out the word about Loeb’s new line of condiments: she is tweeting about them and telling everybody (including reporters) that Onion Crunch is taking her hotdogs to the next level.

Her condiment-related tweets have reached more than 5 million followers, proving once again that social media is an important marketing tool and that celebrities can capture the attention of a larger, diverse audience in no time, with minimal effort.

Loeb’s equity crowdfunding campaign serves a higher purpose: it allows investors to own a part of his “condiment empire”. In other words, he does not offer tempting rewards to allure backers who are eager to support his cause and make a donation. Loeb is giving investors a chance to obtain a stake in his company.

Moreover, Loeb has very ambitious plans for the next two years: he wishes to add new categories of condiments and make more and more people fall in love with the existing ones. In this case, Loeb has very little to lose: his finance is already promoting his brand in a highly effective manner and a well-organized campaign may very well guide him towards more enthusiastic clients and a larger pool of potential investors.

Are you worried that you may not have what it takes to bring your creative idea to life? Are you still living under the impression that lack of funds could kill your latest project and make you sink into oblivion? In this case, now would be a good time to see things from a different perspective.

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