Undoubtedly, tech savvy users love new gadgets that stimulate their imagination. This is the main reason why so many developers involved in crowdfunding campaigns, built around advanced, sophisticated devices, often manage to surpass their initial goals. This appears to be the case of PowerUp 3.0, a fantastic paper plane that can be easily controlled by its owner via his/her smartphone.

Its fundraising campaign was introduced right before Thanksgiving; its creators hoped to raise capital fast and risk-free, and market this new creative idea in a cost-effective manner. So far, the results have exceeded their highest expectations. They managed to collect no less than $50,000 during the first eight hours. It gets better. The company now counts on a considerable amount of money- over 500,000 dollars gathered from 9,000 generous backers.

How did they do it? The developers knew how to create a solid community around their new remotely controlled paper airplane. In this case, the recipe for success is quite simple: the clever minds behind this project have consolidated their relationship with a larger pool of supporters by offering them the chance to get actively involved in the fundraising process. Users are still encouraged to submit their “stretch goal” ideas.

On December 17th, Shai Goiten, the developer of the PowerUp 3.0 flying wonder, will select 10 of the most remarkable stretch goal proposals sent by all participants and let supporters choose the winning one. Stretch goals are set when a certain project gets overfunded. In this case, the developer sets new funding milestones and makes “cooler stuff,” according to Kickstarter.

Shai Goiten, the proud owner of TailorToys, definitely knows how to create and how to advertise the new generation of modern, hi-tech gadgets that guarantee hours of endless entertainment.

The first version of his product, PowerUp 2.0, can be purchased by enthusiastic fans on Amazon; however, it does not come with smartphone controls so this version may not trigger the complete satisfaction of potential buyers with a genuine passion for innovative apps and remotely-controlled flying objects.

In this context, PowerUp 3.0 appears to have everything it takes to become the next most funded and most popular design product ever supported by Kickstarter. In exchange for their 40 dollar pledge, users can get their hands on their very own PowerUp 3.0, accompanied by paper-based airplane templates.

The campaign will come to an end on January 25th. Until then, the well-organized online fundraising initiative will most likely succeed in attracting more and more enthusiastic, tech savvy supporters who have their eyes on the prize.

Shai Goiten’s success story is an excellent example, illustrating how tempting rewards and clever promotion strategies can take any fundraising action to the next level.

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