ModRoomz, a start-up Massachusetts based modular furniture design & manufacturing company are using an innovative method of seeking funding to help launch our modular furniture concept.

ModRoomz Modular Furniture are seeking start-up funding via IndieGogo to allow them to purchase vital manufacturing equipment.

Instead of offering pointless promo items or asking for big donations, they are requesting perks of just $1 and in return, they are giving supporters a ten-fold discount against any future ModRoomz purchase (once they hit their $100k target).

People can obviously donate more if they wish but ModRoomz’ goal is to build awareness and support in large numbers rather than having large individual donors which are far more difficult to come by!

Obviously they require a lot of supporters to do this but they believe passionately in their exciting modular furniture product and are asking for your help & support!

ModRoomz furniture will be built locally and create much needed manufacturing jobs in our communities so please help them gain traction via social media, word of mouth about them, their crowd-funding campaign and their exciting new product which we has been compared to the ”Transformer of the Furniture World“.

For more information, please contact Dani Zargel via [email protected] or see their crowd-funding campaign:


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