Fundraising concept is bringing up a new capital market for the entrepreneurs to get the early stage finance to start up a business successfully. This concept is also used for many social causes and charity purpose for helping the public in good causes.

There are thousands and millions of websites have flourished in the global market based on this fundraising concept. Let’s get to know about the top 10 crowdfunding sites which assist the users to raise funds for developing the projects quickly.


The world famous crowdfunding platform is Kickstarter which paves a platform to bring all the creative projects live to the existing world shortly. It helps the creators and innovators to raise funds for different kinds of projects like designs, arts, crafts, games, music, photography and many other categories.

This platform gives 100% ownership for the creators who list their ideas to the Kickstarter network to raise more funds easily. Moreover, they provide exclusive and friendly option to the fundraisers for projecting their ideas through videos. They collect a 5% commission fee for the project which is successfully funded.

All-or-nothing model is used in this platform which gives assurances to the investor’s money and makes the fundraiser to act responsibly for attaining the mentioned goal on time. Around 19000 projects have been funded through this website with the help of the 3 million people who pledged more than 480 million for the projects successfully.


Indiegogo is the best crowdfunding website for raising funds for small business, latest technology, music, health and any other innovative things you can get funds from the contributors available in the Indiegogo site. The fundraisers can create campaign for social causes through a community and serves the society for good causes. It also helps the innovators to make the changes by introducing creative ideas to the global world

By using PayPal and credit card payment options, contributors can pledge their money anywhere in the world. For processing the transaction, the users of Indiegogo have to give 3-5% for credit card and PayPal payment method.

Fixed and flexible are the two excellent funding models used in this website. When the funds are successfully collected by the users, they have to give 4% money of the raised fund amount for both flexible and fixed model. When the goal is not reached then have to give 9% for flexible and 0% for the fixed model.


Many important causes, projects and events are all need some resource and help from others. So that, the users can makes use of the GoGetFunding website. This website collects only 4% commission fee from their users which low amount when it is compared to other fundraising website.


FundRazr is the Canadian based social media crowdfunding website. Any innovators can raise money for their own dreams, needs and causes. They assist the users to have a PayPal account for collecting the funds.

This platform is initially come to the global market as Facebook application for raising the money for a good cause. Then, this application developed its presence by constructing the unique FundRazr website. It also helps the users to raise funds for charity or non-profit based crowdfunding campaigns.


Crowdfunder is the unique crowdfunding platform for the entrepreneurs to develop their business quickly with the help of money raised from the funders. It helps to connect the entrepreneurs to the investors where they can develop their projects and business to the greater extent.


Entrepreneurs and innovators can quickly raise funds from their peers using the excellent Peerbackers. This website not only assists the businessmen to startup new organization with a creative idea, but also provides support and supplements their business in great way.

Using this platform, the fundraiser can develop and promote their business easily. They can replace their trust towards the lenders with tangible rewards.


The splendid way of raising funds for a significant cause easily is through RocketHub, a reward-based crowdfunding website. It provides assistance for the innovators in the different areas like arts, science, business and social cause.

They had a partnership with A&E start up projects which help to get broad exposure for the website. It increases the power of crowdfunding greatly. Community in RocketHub helps to get million dollar funds for developing the projects successfully.


SoMoLend is the revolutionary debt-based crowdfunding website where the businessmen can make use of it to raise money for developing and promoting their business quickly. Projects are accepted in the website only after qualifying the operation and revenue prevailing in the business.


Donation based funding model is used in CrowdRise where the users can raise funds for social causes and charity purpose. The individuals can also raise funds for their innovative ideas. The people can join a community for supporting the events like marathon run, pledging for the birthday party, etc. CrowdRise community was named as “Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist” by Barron’s we beat Oprah.


Generosity is the main aim of functioning of the Razoo, which is the popular crowdfunding website. It is mainly operated for the non-profit and personal causes. No setup and monthly subscription fee for the people who are all the member of the Razoo community. It assists you to explore causes that you care about and raise funds for those good causes. Till now, the users of this community have been pledged with $230000000.

Final Word

These top 10 crowdfunding websites will not only help you to raise funds, but also help you to get the initial marketing for your idea. So, use these 10 crowdfunding websites, generate funds, take your idea to the next level and start traveling in the journey of success. 

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