Internet savvy entrepreneurs who have brilliant, feasible creative ideas can forget about the risks and the drawbacks associated with traditional financing methods. At this point, crowdfunding has become a priceless ally for numerous individuals and companies seeking financing on their own blogs or on fundraising platforms.

The new numbers displayed by Kickstarter, one of the most popular crowdfunding environments, prove that pooling resources has never been easier. As a matter of fact, Kickstarter has recently reached a new milestone, after raising more than $900 million from a large number of supporters, who have contributed a great deal to the creation and implementation of thousands of successful projects.

Site statistics published by Kickstarter representatives point in the same direction, indicating that awesome projects elaborated and run by motivated, resourceful, perseverant people can’t be killed by lack of funds. Moreover, Kickstarter is expected to follow the same path and raise its first billion dollars in 2014.

So far, the gigantic platform has made millions of dreams come true. It has also helped companies market their start-up ideas, build fan communities, bond with their clientele and surpass the efforts of their main competitors. Solid numbers reveal that Kickstarter is indeed a powerful tool, enabling more and more developers to profit from considerable monetary advantages and extensive media coverage.

The platform counts more than 124,000 launched projects, implemented by creative minds operating in different fields of activity, including games (7,754 launched campaigns), video and film (31,416 campaigns) and design (6,044 launched projects).

The good news is that entrepreneurs who are on the verge of something big shouldn’t be afraid to set truly ambitious goals. The recent statistics unveiled by Kickstarter indicate that no less than 54 projects succeeded in gathering more than 1 million dollars on this platform. At the same time, it seems that most successful campaigns had a target of approximately $10,000. Even so, 929 brave entrepreneurs still managed to collect $100,000.

Kickstarter appeared on the market in 2009. Since that point in time, it has determined more than 5 million people to test the advantages of a time and cost-efficient crowdfunding campaign. After all, what’s not to like about this relatively new financing method? It involves minimal expenses and promises much-needed monetary rewards, plus the chance to market a creative initiative and interact with fans, supporters and potential long-term investors.

By simply displaying these encouraging numbers, Kickstarter will most likely convince more and more people to rely on crowdfunding to fund their new business ventures. It has already introduced “native” fundraising platforms in different countries, enabling companies and individuals to discover the pros and cons of a revolutionary method to raise capital.

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