Undoubtedly, crowdfunding campaigns are a gold mine for numerous entrepreneurs who know how to highlight the unique features and benefits of their future products, how to engage with their audience and how to convince backers to empty their pockets. UK-based Fonesalesman is perhaps one of the best examples. The British company that employs real talents who “are obsessed” with high-end technology and revolutionary gadgets have come up with a new charger prototype: the wireless charging device especially designed for Apple products.

Their iQi wireless charging innovation, unveiled in 2012, became insanely popular in the blink of an eye and convinced manufacturers to follow the new standard and implement this fantastic technology in their latest line of products.

Despite the fact that they had everything it takes to make millions of dollars with their brilliant invention, the company was forced to deal with more than a few difficulties, caused by a pressing lack of resources. Charging pads, required by their prototype were very costly and the company had limited financial possibilities.

In this context, the developers decided it was time to test the pros and cons of a crowdfunding campaign. So they reached the conclusion that they should rely on Indiegogo, one of the most reputable and influent crowdfunding platforms at this point, to put an end to their monetary problems once and for all.

Indeed, their collaboration with Indiegogo allowed them to experience different advantages: they raised capital fast and risk-free, bonded with potential buyers, formed a tight community of fans and followers, marketed their start-up idea and gave their company a much-needed competitive edge. Needless to say that Fonesalesman is now considered a visionary leading company in its niche, on a global scale.

Its iQi concept, supported by Indiegogo, was designed to change the way in which the owners of iOS devices charge their gadgets, and boost the popularity of wireless technology. “Fewer cables, less worries” would be an appropriate motto for this team of bold developers. They are confident that the need for a plentitude of charging cables will one day subside.

Fonesalesman representatives managed to surpass their initial campaign target in no time. They planned to raise only $30,000; however their idea was received with a lot of enthusiasm by numerous backers, so the iQi succeeded in collecting $76,000 with minimal effort.

Encouraged by this recent accomplishment, the company has decided to extend its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign by 1 month. This way, Fonesalesman gives more contributors the chance to get their hands on the revolutionary charging device, available at a special preorder price. According to company representatives, all perks will be delivered at the beginning of 2014.

The elevated amount of money raised by these young entrepreneurs proves that crowdfunding can easily open the door to numerous tempting business opportunities, while rewarding the efforts of creative minds seeking financial aid.

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