These days, creative minds seeking financial support to launch their unique projects have the chance to opt for a crowdfunding platform, designed to turn their biggest ambitions into great accomplishments in 30 days. Crowdfunding environmnets provide a long list of benefits, including monetary advantages, inexpensive, widely-accessible promotion strategies, plus the chance to form a solid community around their new business venue.

People who are looking forward to designing and implementing their first campaign have probably noticed a new trend: more and more platforms, including Tubestart and Indiegogo, are eager to establish partnerships with important players, in an attempt to help more entrepreneurs fuel their original ideas.

New Collaboration is Expected to Help Filmmakers Raise More Money and Bond with Their Public

While Tubestart has recently decided to collaborate with Fullscreen, to enable YouTube users to monetize their content and reach a broader audience faster and easier, Indiegogo has now partnered with IndieReign, an important film marketplace. The end goal is to encourage filmmakers to improve their profit margins, attract new fans and followers and raise capital in a timely manner, with minimal effort.

IndieReign allows filmmakers to distribute and commercialize their creative content on their own and bond with a large number of supporters from different parts of the globe.

The recent partnership offers filmmakers the chance to improve their interaction with their public and simplify the transition from the relatively complex financing process to the distribution phase, according to David White, the CEO of IndieReign.

Indiegogo Takes Pride in a 112% Growth and Thousands of Successful Campaigns

Also, White thinks that IndieReign and Indiegogo share similar values and the same vision. Moreover, a partnership with Indiegogo could easily be considered a safe bet, taking into consideration the fact that this is one of the most important crowdfunding platforms at this point in time, counting no less than 150,000 campaigns launched since 2008.

Moreover, this platform takes pride in an outstanding growth of 112% recorded last year. These are all good signs, indicating that the new collaboration could indeed reshape the future of some of the most talented filmmakers struggling to find generous sponsors on the Internet.

On the other hand, IndieReign is no stranger to crowdfunding. It has already contributed to the success of more than 100 popular indie films, launched in different countries, only in 2013. Amiss is only one of the many productions that managed to stimulate the generosity of numerous backers, surpass its initial goals and stay in the public eye for the longest period of time.

Now that Indiegogo and IndieReign have decided to join efforts to make things a whole lot easier for financially challenged filmmakers, more and more creative minds could be tempted to test the advantages of personalized crowdfunding strategies to raise money and make their products known.

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