As the winter holidays are getting closer, people get into the Christmas spirit and decide to become do-gooders. They focus less on their own needs and experience the pleasure of helping the less fortunate ones. Millions of people get involved in charitable causes and make a small donation to improve the lives of underprivileged individuals.

The good news is that philanthropists are not alone in this. On the contrary, Indiegogo, one of the most respectable crowdfunding environments at this point in time, is striving to encourage their generosity. The gigantic platform has decided to give 1 dollar for every $20 raised for #Giving Tuesday campaigns.

As Cyber Monday and Black Friday have become increasingly popular annual events, Indiegogo representatives have come up with a new proposal. They gave the green light to #Giving Tuesday, a global day of altruistic actions.

This event was created in 2012. It benefitted from the support of a large pool of contributors who were eager to lend a helping hand and improve the lives of the misfortunate ones who are impacted by poverty, lack of education and various other current social problems that require a timely intervention.

During the 2012 edition of #Giving Tuesday, Indiegogo managed to attract no less than 2,500 enthusiastic partners. Moreover, online giving saw a 50% increase. Encouraged by the success recorded last year, Indiegogo decided to get involved in this year’s edition and make a considerable financial contribution to prove that crowdfunding is a viable solution for people who want to lift their social projects off the ground.

So far, Indiegogo officials have counted no less than 81 #Giving Tuesday campaigns that have managed to collect $350,000 from generous donors. The best part is that any type of charitable cause can benefit from Indiegogo’s much-appreciated contribution. At this point, this movement is backed by 8,300 people and its popularity is gradually growing as we speak.

In addition, Indiegogo makes it easier for people to roll out their social campaigns, by providing a useful list of guidelines. Users who want to launch and run their very own #Giving Tuesday projects have to meet 3 basic conditions.

  1. They have to come up with a viable solution to a pressing social problem that is currently impacting the lives of numerous underprivileged people

  2. They have to amplify their fundraising efforts by spreading the word about their initiative and getting more and more people involved in this global movement.

  3. They have to pledge 1 percent of the total amount of money collected via their current campaign to a #Giving Tuesday project between December 2nd and December 3rd.

Also, users who want to become do-gooders for once day are advised to download the #Giving Tuesday special badge and share it on social media platforms, to stimulate the participation of a larger number of contributors.

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