Slide the switch and the Lifesaver Case transmits personal and location data to E911.

No one likes to think about it, but scary and potentially life-threatening situations happen all the time: assaults, robberies, stranger danger, medical emergencies, and so on.

You can call for help, of course, but only if you have the time (and capability) to get your phone out of your pocket or purse, unlock it, tap the phone app, dial 911, speak to the operator, describe your emergency, and so on.

The Lifesaver Case for iPhone calls for help with nothing more than the flip of a switch. It not only saves time, but also works discreetly, just in case you’re dealing with an aggressor and don’t want to make any overt moves.

Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, the Lifesaver Case resembles a traditional hard-shell, one that adds about an ounce of extra weight and half an inch of length. It offers basic iPhone protection, of course, with enhanced speaker ports and a Micro-USB port for charging.

But the most noteworthy feature is the side-mounted embedded switch that activates your call for help. Specifically, when you push and then slide the switch, the Lifesaver companion app (which runs in the background) kicks into gear, sending your location (via GPS), personal information (such as physical description and age), and even live audio/video to E911. There’s no need to interact with a dispatcher, which is critical if you’re unable to speak or don’t know your location.

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The case will be available in different versions for
iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, and
iPhone 5c. Your color choices include red, black, and white, though the developer is offering limited-edition turquoise, pink, or purple versions as part of the Indiegogo campaign.

Early-bird funders can get a Lifesaver case for $59, with delivery expected in August. Once the product goes into full production, it’s expected to sell for $100. I realize you can’t put a price on safety, but that seems pretty steep for a case that merely provides switch-powered activation of an app. Perhaps if the campaign reaches its $100,000 goal (again, a seemingly steep target), Visionary Tech Group will offer a lower retail price.

That said, I’d like to deploy Lifesaver Cases to my wife, daughter, and aging parents. Your thoughts?

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