Our European expansion continues! A few weeks ago we announced that Kickstarter was coming to France, and now the day has come for French projects to launch. We’re so excited to see what French creators have already come up with — unsurprisingly, there’s everything from creative culinary projects to independent films to innovative technology. Check out some of the first projects to launch from France:

Mixfader - the world’s #1 connected object for becoming a DJ

Mixfader is the world’s first connected device that turns your smartphone or tablet into an incredible, affordable deejay setup.

SensorWake - Wake Up Happy with the Smell-Based Alarm Clock

SensorWake lets you wake up to your favorite scent: it’s the world’s first olfactory alarm clock.


One Heart One Tree is a work of art that gives you the opportunity to plant a tree of light in 3D on the most famous monument in Paris — and send a message to the United Nations Climate Conference at the same time.

On Wheelz : walk and roll with your favorite shoes

OnWheelz is a new accessory that lets you turn your favorite shoes into roller skates in one click.

Lilo: the easy way to grow fresh herbs at home.

Lilo is a lovely indoor herb garden for your kitchen counter.

Tokyo Reverse La Suite

Tokyo Reverse La Suite is a slow TV program featuring a hypnotic urban ballet in which two dancers are looking for each other … for eight hours!

SECOND GENERATION - My revenge on Hitler

Second Generation is an animated film based on the true story of a Holocaust survivor’s son.

You can learn more about starting a project in France here and see even more French projects here

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