Here at CrowdDistrict we love all things fitness, which is why we are proud to feature Knix Wear’s second Indiegogo campaign, the FitKnix. A year ago founder Joanna Griffiths launched Knix Wear on Indiegogo as high-tech, multi-tasking underwear for women. This new standard of women’s underwear was designed with a unique perspective and gained tremendous support from the female community. By the end of their campaign Knix Wear crushed their goal reaching over $60,000 in funding.

To continue their apparel revolution, the Knix team has launched FitKnix, a high-tech athletic underwear for women. Why athletic wear? Well research studies show 93% of women are unsatisfied with their existing workout underwear – “so much so that 10% opt to not wear any [underwear] at all.” As a result panty-lines, leaks, sweats stains, chaffing, and odor can often occur to women who live an active lifestyle. To address this issue and change the way women look at fitness, Knix Wear has engineered a line of work out apparel that promotes optimal fitness while keeping needs of women in mind.

As a brand partner, FitKnix uses LYCRA freshFX fabric that allows for both compression and full flexibility, to sustain maximum muscle performance throughout your entire workout. This fabric also rejects moister from the body to keep you dry, and more comfortable. Women can also feel fresh longer with Knix Wear’s anti-microbial technology that prohibits odor-causing bacteria. Also, FitKnix is panty-line free, eliminating that persistent constriction. FitKnix comes in three styles, thong, bikini, and boyshort, ranging in various colors such as black, beige, electric blue, and of course hot pink.

Now you may be wondering, in the world of high performance apparel something like this would cost an upwards of 30-45 dollars per pair. In hopes to get these into the hands of women world wide, FitKnix starts at only $20 per pair and up to $85 for a pack of five. In CrowdDistrict terms, “that’s a steal”!

Knix Wear is a trusted brand that has grown with one thought in mind: make women more comfortable. For this project, they have partnered with LYCRA to ensure only the softest and highest-grade material is available for you. Now the question is, are you satisfied with your workout gear? Raise the bar for female athletic apparel and invest in the most comfortable, high performance under wear for you.

THE STEAL: $20 for one pair $85 for a 5 pack.

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