What are the main ingredients of a successful crowdfunding campaign? There are at least five elements worth mentioning: a killer, innovative, feasible idea, excellent promotion strategies, a reputable crowdfunding platform, tempting rewards and the highest level of originality, revealed throughout the entire campaign. It seems that Ryan Grepper, an inspiring inventor, counts on all 5 advantages, as he has recently managed to bring his crowdfunding campaign in the public eye, after raising a whopping $60,000 in 1 day.

You may be wondering: how did he do it? Why his well-liked “Coolest Cooler” project is already considered a major hit? The answer is quite simple: Grepper is a brave self-made inventor who knows how to interact with the public. He knows exactly which buttons to push to make the most generous contributors empty their pockets.

For those who are eager to put $5,000 on the table to support his latest business venture, Grepper has prepared a truly special reward: the chance to spend an entire day with him and with Brendon Burchard, a highly esteemed author, also known as one of the most respectable marketing trainers at this point in time.

Apart from the fact that Grepper and Burchard have managed to come up with extraordinary perks that raise the interest of a large pool of potential backers, they are also appreciated for the feasibility and the originality of their newest business idea.

The Coolest Cooler is indeed pretty remarkable. The product is expected to revolutionize the way in which people spend their spare time in outdoor spaces. The Coolest Cooler comes with a wide range of fantastic features, including Bluetooth speakers, an incorporated blender and lid light. Designed to respond to the pressing needs of modern consumers, this invention appears to be user-friendly, hi-tech and extremely practical at the same time.

Burchard, the sought-after marketing guru catalogues the Coolest Cooler as a “great idea” and thinks that Kickstarter would ensure market validation for this ambitious project. Apart from the monetary advantages, the collaboration with this giant crowdfunding platform could help Grepper bond with donors and potential long-term investors.

Grepper wants to help other entrepreneurs who are currently facing financial difficulties. He plans to document his ongoing Kickstarter project and share his unique experience with those who are driven by similar goals and interests. His campaign will come to an end on December 26th. The extra tempting rewards will be delivered by the end of August, 2014.

This new initiative proves that rewards with a high educational value can also take a well-organized crowdfunding campaign to the next level. Don’t know how to interact with your backers, how to set realistic targets and how to promote your project in the best manner? In this case, choose to contact a crowdfunding expert as soon as possible. Rely on L&C Media Buzz to boost the popularity and the profitability of your fundraising initiative, on time and on a strict budget.

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