Syria is one of the countries that has been largely affected by ongoing civil wars. As the world develops strategies on how to fight terrorism, very little emphasis has been put on the violations of human rights being experienced in Syria. Social relationships have remained poor and the victims continue suffering. The Washington D.C. office of Syria Relief and Development (SRD) has started a crowdfunding campaign tabbed  ‘GiveWarmth’, aimed at helping the Syrian people.


SRD is a non-profit organization that was established in November 2011 under rule 501(c) (3). It was founded by Dr. Jihad Qaddour and his daughter Jomana Qaddour. The organization offers humanitarian relief to Syrian victims of violence, poverty, hunger, displacement and injury. The organization has various programs that are implemented in Syria and the surrounding areas. It has regional offices in Jordan, Turkey, Amman and Gaziantep. Since September of this year, the organization has distributed about $30 million to help Syrian victims.


Americans Show their Support


The increasing crisis in Syria has forced many Syrians to flee their homes and become refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs). This has also increased the need for humanitarian support in the country and its surrounding areas. The need for aid is expected to increase during winter meaning that more Syrian families will require more winter care items. Winter seasons in the region are known to be harsh and ‘devastating.


To encourage Americans to give donations


SRD is using the hashtag #GiveWarmth in their crowdfunding campaign to encourage Americans to give donations that will be used to purchase more care packages for Syrian victims during this winter. The contents of one care package will include: a hygiene kit (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, towels and detergent); foam mattress; two blankets; rug; children’s winter clothing (thermal pajamas, jackets and sweaters); and food basket (foodstuffs that can be used by a family of 5-7 persons for a month). SRD aims at distributing winter care packages to at least 1000 Syrian families.        


More information  about this crowdfunding campaign and others that are dedicated to  helping Syrian refugees can be found at #GiveWarmth and At this time of increased terrorist attacks, it is very important to improve global relationships so as to collectively fight against these barbaric acts.      

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