Apart from the regular dips into your favorite social media waterholes, I’m sure you have that assortment of websites you visit almost religiously every day. Routines have that nasty habit of becoming boring after a while, hence the need for lists like this. In this post you will find 30 interesting websites that you probably have never heard of.

Although not all will be appealing to everyone, I’m sure you will be able to find a handful of websites, from this list, that is your cup of tea. From places to discover new content such as articles and music, to sites where you can learn about Greek mythology and unpublished truths about trending issues, hopefully this list will help you break the monotony – at least until the next list comes along.

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Gnoosic is your go to spot for new music recommendations. It asks for three of your favourite bands, and based on your interests, spits out an artist that you might like. You then have the option to “like”, “dislike”, or mark it as something you aren’t familiar with – which further refines the results.
This will be enjoyable for music enthusiasts who are looking for a musical adventure.

Bought it once

Are you frustrated with having to replace common household items every few years? Ever had the hankering to invest in something that will last you a lifetime, one that will withstand the test of time and usage? Then this website is just perfect for you! It presents a curation of products that were designed with durability and style in mind.


Tickld is your go-to spot for anything humorous and funny, for anything that’s really cool and interesting, or stuff that’s just plain WTF. Guaranteed to provide hours of mindless fun and laughter.

Blue Ball Machine

For those who are looking to trance themselves out, a repeating, looping gif of a “blue ball machine” is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. It’s fun trying to figure out how all the little animations flow into one another, tracing the movement of the blue ball to another section, then another, then another. It’s also very calming to look at!


Patatap is an interactive website that responds to the keys on your keyboard with a sound and a brief animation. Now imagine hammering in entire sentences – and you got an explosion of sounds, colors, and movement! Once you start typing in random paragraphs, it becomes almost hypnotic, in a way. A fun way to unwind and relax.


CoolThings is a collection of cool things. From entertainment, to gadgets, to even toys and inventions, there is bound to be something here that will interest you. There is even a section for really cool gifts, split into categories for men, women. It updates every day, so make sure to drop by once in a while for your fix of really cool stuff!

Sort by Dislikes

Here’s a smart idea – this website helps you filter out a YouTube channel‘s most disliked video. There’s also a list for the generally most disliked video on YouTube, as a whole. There’s even a list for the most hated channels on YouTube. Guaranteed to help you kill some hours, just searching through those channels and watching those videos.

Cool Hunting

CH is a really cool publication platform that uncovers the latest in design, technology, style, travel, art and culture. If you are into art, architecture, and culture, then this website is perfect for you. You’ll find lots of interesting articles here, and the best part is that there are new articles almost every day.

The Derpiest

An assortment of the derpiest people, animals, stories and more, the list goes on and on. Ever had a day when you felt like the proof of your intelligence was being threatened by something you did? Ever had a day when you just felt plain stupid? Worry not, for this website will help you feel smart and able again! Personally, my favorite category is the derpy animals.


Here’s something for the writers among you: HiveStory is an online platform to create a collaborative dynamic story. You sign up, write your contribution, and then the members vote on how the story will be shaped. It’s a fun process, seeing how the story branches out from a node that you contributed.

Uncontacted Tribes

This website is a beautiful collection of videos, pictures, and even stories of ‘uncontacted tribes’ which still exist, scattered all over the world. It gives an interesting insight into the way of life of humans who have been untouched by technology, electronics, and other modern facets of life. It also gives you an opportunity to donate to their cause.

Lonely Tweets

Lonely Tweets :'( explores the theme of hyper-connectivity and loneliness – what makes it even more interesting (or chilling) is that it is a live service, meaning that the tweets you see on the website were sourced the moment they were made. Feeling bummed out yet?


If you have ever been on Tinder, you know that like any other social discovery apps out there, you meet your fair share of creepers and desperados. Tinderella is a collection of screenshots that showcases the best and worst of pick-up lines that have been found on Tinder.

Not Always Right

Had a bad day at work? Did that one annoying, pesky customer or client who just wouldn’t shut up tried to give you a hard time, and succeeded? Then this website is just perfect for you! It’s a collection of stories about customers who just don’t know when to shut up. From incredibly funny to just downright horrifying, there’s a little bit of it all here.

The Art of Manliness

A blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man. The topics range from fashion to relationship advice – an attempt to fill the void that has been created by magazines that try to perpetrate the idea of a “machismo” man. Although solely aimed at men, it can be an interesting read for women as well.


A very simple browser game, Drench gives you a board with different colored tiles, and you use the buttons to flip the colors around. Do this until your board is full of tiles of a single color only. It’s a bit more difficult to explain, but once you get the hang of it, it can be really addicting and for some, relaxing.

Favorite and Forget

Set this as your homepage and then just forget about it. No, really. They’ll do the rest for you. What you’ll get is a daily assortment of links that lead to really cool websites – you’ll get educational links, cool stuff, really interesting stuff as well as useful stuff like apps and tools, and even life-changing things that could change your game forever.

Cooking for Engineers

Cooking for Engineers is a godsend for those who love to cook. This website has it all, from recipes, to kitchen gear, to cooking tests, down to a handy dictionary. The best part about this webstie is its classic 90’s layout, which makes accessing the recipes and files intuitive and easier.


PostSecret is a very interesting website. Visitors are encouraged to send in anonymous postcards on which they write their secrets. There are all sorts of secrets on all kinds of postcards, and the variations make this a really interesting project. However, be warned – these secrets are very real… and very heavy.

River Styx

An interactive website that takes you through the river Styx and the Underworld. You will meet many Greek Gods and Goddesses here, and you will also be learning a lot about their myths and legends. The website works much like how a point-and-click game would, with your cursor turning into a different icon when you hover it over relevant objects. An interesting, visual crash course to Greek mythology and philosophy!


A really neat website that brings people together to create one of the largest platforms for people-powered research. Volunteers come together to assist professional researchers. There is no need for a specialised background or training; all you have to do is to answer simple questions.

NOIYS – Post, read, forget

NOIYS is a place to post an anonymous note to be viewed by many people, only to be deleted within 24 hours. It’s the perfect website for venting anonymously and not worry about the consequences, as it will be deleted within a day. The best part (or maybe worst) is that strangers can reply to your note, too. That way, you can have a running conversation with a complete stranger.

All Day

All Day is a curation of really interesting articles and blogs that will have you reading… all day. The topics range from history to food to entertainment to culture, so there’s bound to be something in it for everyone. The layout is also really interesting and easy on the eyes, and with the endless scrolling feature, you really are bound to stay on it… all day.


Are you more of a visual person? Fear not, Vumble has you covered by offering a collection of videos which have been top-voted by users, such as you. The best part about this website is that there are always new content, new videos, and you’re always bound to find something really cool and interesting. Don’t forget to contribute by voting as well!

Scott H Young

Scott’s blog is a collection of articles and musings that he has written himself. Perfect for anyone who is doing some soul searching, his site touches on light topics such as productivity to heavier ones like the meaning of life. Definitely an interesting read and a good way to wind down during the evenings, if you like to crunch through articles like I do.

Addicted 2 Success

Need a little pick me up? Addicted 2 Success is the place to go. It features articles that are designed to inspire and empower people who are looking to turn their life around. There’s entrepreneurship, self-development, and an all-round focus on success and on getting things done!

the unbeatn path

Here’s something that I’m sure a lot of people will need to read. The unbeatn path features hand-picked and curated stories of young adults who are drop outs, and yet were able to make their way regardless of that fact. It features new and real stories every month, so it’s always worth to give it a visit every now and then.


Taglined “technology, the quirky way”, Clapway is basically your source for quirky discoveries, tips, and news off the beaten path. The stories are meant to inspire all readers of all walks of life – and the articles are most of the time something you won’t usually find on the net, too.


Truthdig is something for the people who have been keeping up with the news and politics. It aims to provide you with insightful and accurate repoting on current subjects and issues by having a situation seen from all possible angles, and including all the details relevant or seemingly otherwise.


Set this as your homepage and the first page that loads when you start up your browser, and you’ll be presented with interesting info every day. From random trivia, to interesting books, to beautiful pictures, it’s got the perfect assortment for your daily dose of interesting stuff. If you’re craving for more random f*cking trivia, you can just click on the random post at the bottom of the page, and you’ll be presented with even more things.

Found anything that struck your fancy? Did you already lose some hours trying these websites out? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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