Have you ever wondered why numerous entrepreneurs fail to attain their crowdfunding goals? Some of them aim too high and set unrealistic targets, while others don’t know that an online fundraising campaign is as demanding and energy-consuming as a full-time job. Still think that running a crowdfunding campaign is a child’s play? In this case, take a closer look at 3 of the most well-kept crowdfunding secrets to change your perspective and your approach.

  1. Email Conversion Rates Are Not always Remarkable

Most individuals think that, in order to raise capital and attract a large segment of investors, it is enough to come up with a brilliant, feasible creative idea and a good business plan. In fact, selecting the best promotion methods is really the tricky part.

You can’t just send a whole bunch of emails and expect to witness a remarkable conversion rate of 1:80. Yes, this may have happened to several developers of successful campaigns, but it may not happen to you too. One pledge per a few hundred emails delivered to your potential backers represents a much more realistic conversion rate. The lesson: dream big, but keep your eyes open at all times and set attainable goals.

  1. Most Backers Are a Part of an Already Established Network

Let’s face it: raising money from perfect strangers can be quite challenging. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that up to 90% of all the supporters who decide to make a generous donation are already familiar with the project developers, their mission, potential and vision simply because they are already members of their existing networks. In other words, they’re not really strangers.

  1. Your Own Marketing Strategies Will Influence the Outcome of Your Campaign

Entrepreneurs often fail because they erroneously think that the crowdfunding platform that they go in favor of should take over all their responsibilities, in terms of promotion strategies. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. Your own marketing efforts will influence the outcome of your fundraising initiative.

Crowdfunding websites, especially small-scale ones, don’t always take pride in an elevated organic traffic. In other words, you won’t find thousands of loyalists browsing the crowdfunding webpage, looking forward to sponsoring all the creative projects that meet their requirements. Most of the backers who eventually land on your page follow the direct links published on social media platforms. In other words, crowdfunding success is definitely not a question of luck. Every single campaign involves a lot of work and demands personalized, clever promotion tactics to provide excellent results. So what exactly are you waiting for?

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