It’s no secret that millions of business savvy entrepreneurs turn to Kickstarter to fund their start-up ideas. At the same time, it goes without saying that this gigantic crowdfunding platform, which has managed to collect no less than 900 million dollars from contributors, is not suitable for all kinds of creative projects.

In order to roll out a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, you have to comply with a set of guidelines; plus your new product should display certain attributes. Keep reading to discover 3 of the most important clues indicating that your newest online fundraising initiative could become a massive hit on Kickstarter.

First Clue: The Benefits of Your New Product are Fairly Easy to Explain and Demonstrate

People lose interest in things that they cannot fully understand. This is why it is extremely important to promote products whose expected benefits are relatively easy to anticipate, explain and even demonstrate.

These days, it is fairly difficult to capture the attention of online supporters, who are exposed to millions of distractions on a daily basis; therefore, if your product involves long, tiresome explanations, you may need more than a reliable crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter to turn your creative concept into a tangible item.

Second Clue: Your Product Is Relatively Small and Easy to Manufacture

Does the manufacturing process of your latest invention require the presence of an army of technicians using expensive equipment and materials to get the job done? In this case, crowdfunding may not be the best option at hand for you.

You should know that most of the Kicksarter campaigns that managed to reach their targets were built around relatively small products, which were easily to create and introduce on the market. Their reduced dimensions triggered low shipping costs and their cheap manufacturing process allowed the developers to set and attain realistic crowdfunding goals.

Third Clue: You Count on a Clear, Concise and Easy to Explain Business Plan

Entrepreneurs, who act chaotically, rarely get the chance to witness the results of a successful crowdfunding campaign, which always requires flawless organization and proper planning. Research is the key to success: evaluate the efforts of your main competitors, your resources, and your financing needs. Find out how much money you’d have to spend on rewards for your backers. Put everything on paper and rely on your math skills to come up with a comprehensive business plan. Be transparent and let your contributors know how you plan to spend their money.

Most importantly, if you can’t manage to create a powerful online fundraising campaign on your own, find a dependable mentor who could make things a whole lot easier for you. L&C Media Buzz is your experienced, devoted crowdfunding promotion and consulting specialist.

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