CrowdfundBeat News Wire,  As the world of alternative finance grows, so does the need for knowledge sharing, advice giving, case studies and success stories. We’ve reached out into the heart of the crowdfunding community to pull together a jam-packed free download for anyone looking to raise funds from the crowd – 95 Tips, for Crowdfunders from Crowdfunders.            I can confidently say it’s brilliant because all we did was glue it together. Every individual piece of advice in the doc has been given freely by some of the UK’s leading crowdfunding superstars. The people who are qualified to give advice because they’ve been there, done it and literally crowdfunded the t-shirt. The people that are happy to share what worked for them when building crowdfunding campaigns- and want to help others do the same. 95 Tips for Crowdfunders includes information on what make a great crowdfunding target, how to create brilliant rewards for supporters, how to make videos for promotion of your idea and how to utilise social media and marketing skills – including many other sections about the crowdfunding journey. The download is helpful for all kinds of crowdfunding – from businesses, charities, community groups, films, games, […]

Report: 95 Tips Crowdfunding for Crowdfunders: CrowdFund Beat.

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