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Back in 2012, Statista tallied only six crowdfunding portals in Italy, ranking it as the thirteenth most active country. Since then, the marketplace has borne nine equity crowdfunding portals along with a plethora of rewards, debt and donation platforms. In fact, the CONSOB (the Italian Authority on Financial Markets) made crowdfunding history last year when it authorized the act of garnering risk capital online. Now wrapping up the first full year in effect, we’ve wrangled together the top equity crowdfunding portals in Italy.

1 Derev

Robert Esposito invented this platform in 2012 and it quickly became a booming international network for institutions, brands, cultural operators, universities and corporations. With particular interest in arts, culture, technology, politics and activism, Derev works to “enable creative, innovative and community activists…and turn their best ideas in Revolutions.”

2 SiamoSoci

This portal aims to “facilitate the provision of resources to innovate entrepreneurship.” In other words, its primary objective is to accelerate the process of innovating, researching, financing and growing startups. SiamoSoci occupies 3.7% of the national seed and venture capital market, making it a notable equity crowdfunding portal in Italy.

3 StarsUp

Touted as the first CONSOB-authorized portal, Starsup pairs brilliant ideas with capable people. A seasoned team stands behind the portal, offering consultation services for all project phases. At the core of this equity platform is the belief that “innovation can be a factor of social and economic growth.”

4 Unicaseed

This brokerage company offers the following services in conjunction with equity crowdfunding: proprietary trading; execution, reception and/or transmission of orders; and investment counselling.

5 WeAreStarting

Still at a young age, WeAreStarting came onto the market in March 2013 with the intention of “giving visibility to entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, enabling their startups to grow and develop, through small investments to everyone.”

6 Assiteca Crowd

One of the first equity crowdfunding portals in Italy to sprout, Assiteca Crowd offers campaigns and investors significant opportunities within a regulated market. On their website, the portal boasts an experienced, well-connected team as well as reliable, robust infrastructure.

7 CrowdfundMe

Currently, CrowdfundMe seeks its first startup to launch the platform officially. Although less developed than others on this list, we expect big things in 2015.

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