It’s no secret that products based on innovative technology have high odds of getting funded on major crowdfunding platforms. People love revolutionary gadgets designed to improve their lives and would do everything in their power to be the first ones to test them.

In this context, iWinks has decided to promote their amazing lucid dreaming technology and seek financial aid for their Aurora Dream Enhancing Headband on Kickstarter. Their concept is remarkable and extremely interesting, but not entirely original.

Luci also flirted with the idea of rolling out a fully functional Lucid Dreamer prototype by counting on the generosity of its contributors; however the creative minds involved in this project decided to abandon it for no obvious reason, after gathering a whopping $360,000, far more than the modest goal initially set by the campaign developers- 40,000 dollars.

Undoubtedly, the radical decision made by Luci shocked thousands of followers and led to numerous fraud allegations. However, this negative precedent did not discourage the brave entrepreneurs from iWinks. The company plans to raise no less than $90,000. So far, it counts on the support of 304 backers and has 37 days left to attract many others.

Of course, in this particular case, the reward is incredibly tempting: those who put $150 on the table get to be the first ones to own and utilize the first hi-tech headband based on lucid dreaming technology.

Apart from being extremely advanced and awesome-looking, this new product is also expected to serve a very practical purpose. It should enable users to reach their fullest potential, by controlling their dreams and improving their performance in different key areas while they are actually sleeping. Indeed, this concept almost sounds too good to be true.

So how does this work? In theory, as soon as people start dreaming, the app developed by iWinks triggers a series of stimuli created to give them the chance to gain full control over their own dreams.

Lucid dreaming technology could be an exceptional ally for those who strive to maximize their results and surpass their own efforts at home or at the office. The developers are fully aware of the fact that a transparent approach is the key to success in this sector; so they take pride in an original, creative pitch that reflects who they are and how they plan to take the lucid dreaming concept to the next level, with just a bit of help from deep-pocketed, generous contributors.

Their success would prove, once again, that it’s not difficult to reach ambitious crowdfunding targets as long as you are consistent, business savvy and motivated.

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