Crowdfunding has become the most preferred financing alternative for real estate investments. This translates into a strong growth potential globally. According to Massolution, real estate crowdfunding is expected to reach US$2.57B in 2015 – a 250 percent increase from 2014. More developers have just started realizing the potential of crowdfunding and are now looking for ways to get involved in the industry and to expand its reach to more people.


CoAssets, a Singaporean-based real estate crowdfunding company, is among the first companies to introduce crowdfunding in Southeast Asia and Singapore. Its recent listing on the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) is among the big steps it has taken to expand operations. The fact is that crowdfunding is still new to Asia. CoAssets aims to both demonstrate the credibility of the portal and attract more developers and investors across the region. The company is in a better position to promote the growth of real estate crowdfunding in Asia and attract both local and regional stakeholders. As the leading real estate crowdfunding company in the region, CoAssets has a significant industry presence via media partnerships, events and industry relationships. It hosts the annual Expo for Property, Investment and Crowdfunding (EPIC) and has also launched Crowdfunders, a top crowdfunding magazine in Asia that is being distributed in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia, among other regions.




Crowdfunding offers a financial model for different types and sizes of developers and investors. Investors range from high net worths (HNW), non-HNW, small companies and large financial institutions. A typical project at CoAssets range from $10,000 to $50,000 and the minimum investment amount for each project is $1,000.

…the company’s objective of driving the great potential growth of real estate crowdfunding across Asia.

CoAssets’ listing on the NSX supports its expansion plan into Australia in two different ways. First, it will help them reach Australian developers and enable them to list their investment offerings on the site. Second, it will help them reach Australian investors, leading them to put their money in the projects listed on the site. Besides Australia, the company is also planning to expand into Indonesia, Malaysia and China. Listing on the NSX boosts the company’s exposure to the market making CoAssets internationally recognized, and this act also supports the company’s objective of driving the great potential growth of real estate crowdfunding across Asia.



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